Illustration for Valkyrie’s Tears Mead Label

Valkyrie Riding Into Battle

Illustration for the Valkyrie’s Tears Mead label for Batch Mead in Temecula CA.

The concept was that Valkyries swoop down from Valhalla during a battle and choose the bravest Viking warriors to take back to Valhalla. And if they cause a little carnage in the process so be it.

I was given the option of having the Valkyrie riding a horse, a wolf or a bear. I chose the bear because it is so seldom used and because I thought it was more ferocious looking than a horse or wolf. Who wouldn’t freak if a warrior came charging at you riding a 1200 lb grizzly?

Tools used:

  • Wacom Mobile Studio 16
  • Krita for initial sketches and final painting
  • Photoshop for enhancements to transparencies, shadows & glows and color adjustments
  • The design and layout of the labels was done in Illustrator