Dura Wax Ecommerce Website Overhaul

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The Dura Wax Company website was in bad need of updating. It was a semi-custom built site that had:

  • And outdated design.
  • Was not user friendly.
  • Was not mobile friendly.
  • Was not easy to add product videos.
  • Was missing rich product descriptions and images.
  • Was missing large portion of products Dura Wax sold.

I am not one for reinventing the wheel. So I chose an ecommerce hosting platform where we could concentrate on our products not the coding. I chose Big Commerce.

Big Commerce allowed us to tie into our social media sites, Amazon, and use a variety of plugins to automate our marketing and shipping.

After the new site launched, pulled in a year over year growth rate of 10%.

I chose the following apps:

  • ShipperHQ for shipping because it allowed us to set up shipping via Fedex or our LTL carriers plus setup us zones around the US for shipping and tied directly into our Fedex and LTL accounts.
  • Rare.io automated our email marketing. Rare directly tied into our customer list in Big Commerce and allowed us to automate Thank you emails, post-purchase follow ups, abandoned cart emails, discounts, plus it tracked customer purchases and sent products you may like emails.
  • Smile.io for our loyalty rewards program.
  • Stamped.io for product reviews. Stamped.io reviews also tied into Google reviews.
  • JustUno for on-site conversion marketing.
  • Catalog on Demand for creating our printed Catalog.

In addition:

  • Chose the ecommerce platform.
  • Chose the theme.

Role: Marketing Director, Art Director, Web designer, Web Developer, UX Designer, Content Creator, Programmer, SEO, CRO.