DuraMet Fluid Solutions Logo Redesign

Old DuraMet Solutions LogoDuraMet Fluid Solutions Logo
DuraMet Fluid Solutions Logo Redesign

DuraMet Solutions was suffering from an Identity crisis. Sister Company to The Dura Wax Company, it’s image was not consistent with the hi-tech products they were developing. Their new water-based cutting fluids were testing superior to old oil based products. But their logo and other communications made them look old and stodgy.

Using the same type for Dura as The Dura Wax Company, Humanist 777 helped update the look and tie the companies together. The rest of the logo was Humanist 521. I kept the red and black color scheme as in the old logo.

Since DuraMet worked primarily with liquids, I suggested we change the company name from DuraMet Solutions, which could be tied to anything, to DuraMet Metalworking Fluids, but the owners did not want to be tied just to metalworking. So I came up with DuraMet Fluid Solutions, which I felt lended itself better to its products.

Role: Designer, Art Director, Marketing Director.