Project 2-3-1: The African American Experience in Elgin

“Would like the exhibit to be seamless. Can we include a boxcar?”

  • Project 231 Booth Front
  • African American Exhibit Video
  • Project 231 Exhibit Box Car Section

This display had the following parameters:

  • Needed to be modular to fit different venues.
  • Needed to be portable but very sturdy.
  • Prefer large graphic panels, seamless if possible.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if people could walk into the boxcar?
  • Each section needed to stand on its own.

I felt the best way to accomplish this was with a fabric display. The final panels for the exhibit were printed on fabric, one large panel per section. The fabric panels were sewn together back to back with a pocket between to slide over the metal framing. The metal framing was 1.25″ round piping, which was sturdy but not unwieldly.

Finding an old train boxcar image that could be blown up proved difficult. I ended up creating my own by combining parts of multiple images.

Role: Exhibit Designer, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Writer, Editor.

  • Designed the exhibit framing.
  • Designed the layout of all panels.
  • Designed all the graphics.
  • Selected all materials.
  • Selected images to use.
  • Edited copy.