Streamlined Catalog Production Using Website

You can’t build a catalog from a website!

One of the issues at The Dura Wax Company was the time it took to create their bi-annual Buyers Guide. It started in August and took until April. This timeline was so long that anytime there was a product update it became a major production.

Since the website was always the most current information, I thought we could streamline production by using the data from the website. Exporting data from the site into our layout program proved too cumbersome.

Since the printer wanted pdfs, I looked for a way to print pdfs from the website. After trying 3 services, on the fourth I found one that worked.

Another issue was cutting down the amount of text in the descriptions to fit the catalog format. I devised highlighting the background of the text we did not want in a custom color that the catalog program would then ignore. I used CSS to make that color transparent on the website.

We could then output our catalog as a PDF. I purchased a PDF editor to make any changes, modifications, image swaps, etc.

The result was a printed catalog produced in less that half the time.

Role: Art Director, Designer, Editor, Writer, Illustrator.