Jewish Experience in Elgin Portable Museum Exhibit.

“I want something that can be put up by 3 little old ladies.”

  • Jewish Experience Museum Booth
  • Giving Section Jewish Experience Booth

That was the parameter I had to start with.
The others were:
Wanted it to be 20’ x 20’.
Needed to be able to fit multiple venues.
Needed to be modular so some sections could be removed.
Each section needed to be able to stand on its own (story wise).
Needed to support display cases.
Needed to support a self-running video.

I used pop-up trade show display frames because they were very light weight and portable.
The panels were a rigid plastic with a polycarbonate laminate for durability.
Then entire display fit in eight rolling cases each weighing less than 40 lbs.

Role: Art Director, Project Manager, Designer, Writer, Editor.

Acted as Art Director of entire project
Acted as project manager for entire project
Designed the layout of the booth
Designed all the graphics
Selected images to use.
Pulled images from Library of Congress.
Edited copy for succinctness and to fit the space allowed
Designed the display cases.
Modified the booth frames to support the display cases.