J-Line Industries Logo Redesign

Old J-Line Industries LogoNew J-Line Industries Logo
J-Line Industries Logo Redesign

J-Line Industries is a sister company to The Dura Wax Company and DuraMet Fluid Solutions.

The logo was outdated and did not portray a company that was on the cutting edge of developing cleaning and finishing products for janitorial suppliers.

To tie the logo with The Dura Wax Company and DuraMet Fluid Solutions, but keep it’s own personality, Humanist was used for the typeface, but this time Humanist 521 ExtraBold vs 777 as in Dura in The Dura Wax Company and Dura in DuraMet Fluid Solutions. J-Line also uses the same color scheme as DuraMet Fluid Solutions.

The same type family across the board helps tie the 3 companies together while still maintaining their individual branding.

Role:  Designer, Art Director, Programmer.